black, colored, dappled, red, paint, traditional Boer goats

Welcome to Double Creek Ranch Black Boers. I operate a family run Boer goat herd in North Central Texas. I strive to produce and offer quality, balanced, beautiful  Fullblood Bucks, Does, and Wether Boer goats for sale in Texas and the USA. I have raised Boer Goats since 2006 and have added many wonderful foundation Black Boers Goats, Red Boers Goats and Dappled Boer Goats to my traditional stock. I have Boer Goats For Sale NOW.  Check out the 2020 KIDS FOR SALE PAGE.  2020 BABIES ARE ARRIVING NOW~  CK to see the new arrivals that will be for sale. !


I am  proud of what I have accomplished in the breeding of my Boer Goats. I strive to raise quality and healthy Boer goats. I believe in high quality and conformation. My  goal is to produce Boer goats with excellent muscle mass, size, breeding character and over all exceptional body conformation that carry the South African & Codi/Pci genetics. If you are looking for full blood traditionals, paints, reds, black heads, dappled or black Boer goats, Double Creek Ranch Black Boers has the goats you need.
DCR Boer goats carry some of the best bloodlines and genetics available, bred by some of the top Boer goat breeders in the industry. I constantly strive to produce the best Boer goats by adding new outstanding bloodlines and genetics to my breeding program.  I believe that by adding the South African Boer Goat and CODI/PCI Boer Goat genetics that I can improve the quality of the Black Boer Goats by producing Black Boer Goats with more size, mass, muscle and meat.  I am currently producing some of the best Black Boer Goats and Rare Red South African Boer Goats in the United States.
I also offer exceptional percentage stock that is available for show families and for beginning goat families.  My wethers have competed to win and place in many shows across Texas.  I welcome all 4H and FFA students to contact me to find their perfect show doe, buck or wether Boer Goat in Texas.  If you are looking for quality Percentage Boer goats for SHOW or BREEDING,  you will find what you are looking for at Double Creek Ranch Black Boers.

Double Creek Ranch

Lori Armes
Decatur, TX 76234


My goal is breeding quality show animals and breeding stock using some of the best genetics available from some of the most well known Ennobled Boer Goats.  I have added the genetics of  JM22 GRAND SLAM, RRD GUNSMOKE P502, JRA1 AGNEWS COLLATERAL DAMAGE*EN*,  Eggstreme *AM EN*, Ubora *EN*, Eggsorcist *EN*, Der War Paint, *EN*, Sasquatch *AM EN*, Mzuri *EN GOLD SIRE*, Kaptein *EN PLAT SIRE*, Tsjaka *EN*, Mojo Magic *AM EN*, Renoir *EN* , Eggs Ryals Magnum *EN*. RRD R898 Cannon *EN*,RYAL'S Top Brass *EN*. TLB T333 "Ripper" *EN* LOGAN HILL PHANTOM OF THE FARM, MFF KNIGHT SPOT, EGGSTRA CHROME, RRD R898 CANNON*EN*, EGGS RYALS MAGNUM*EN*, RRD GUNSMOKE*EN*, RRD MAGNUM'S BEAUTY*EN*, RRD P663*EN*, EGGSORCIST*EN*, EGGSONERATE*EN*, EGGSQUISITE*EN*, EGGSPOTENTIAL*EN*, EGGSFILE*EN*, EGGS MAPLE*EN*, IMAX 3D *EN*,2 DOCS 2 COOL*EN* and numerous other excellent, ennobled genetics. My herd consists of  black, red, paint, dappled and traditional Boer goats.  Many of my goats are full South African.  All of my 100%  goats are registered and offspring can be registered with ABGA.  
I have added several new foundation CODI PCI does to Double Creek Ranch Black Boers.  After several years of research, I have added several Ennobled dapple genetics this spring that will kid Spring 2017. My other new additions from Cottonwood Creek Black Boers have help me to add a lot of incredible color and bloodlines to my herd. 2017 Bucks include: dappled son of  Eggstra Flash - DCR Eggstra Starbucks, 4RB Aikman's Cherokee Spirit, Max Boer Goats Red Hot's Lucky Hot Dapple Dollar,  and 4RB Black Lucky's Dark Star.

All of my 100% Boer Goats are Full Blood, Registered Boer Goats. I have quality 100 % Full Blood Black Boer Goats, Red Boer Goats, Dappled Boer Goats, Paint Boer Goats, and South African Boer Goats. My Percentage Boer Goats range from 50-99% and  are registered  with ABGA.
I believe DCR Black Boers is the best place to buy  Boer Goats in Texas. I am located in North Central Texas, just 60mi. N.W. of Dallas and 37 mi. N.W. of  Ft. Worth and in close proximity to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.  
Thank you for visiting my website. I would love to have you visit and see what I have for sale.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.  All photos may be used with permission and credits posted with usage.  Contact me for information

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